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About us

“Us” should really be about me, JyoJyou, but I consider my business a separate entity from myself. But what do you REALLY want to know about me? Honestly, I’m probably just like you – an aspiring producer, independant recording artist, or just someone who wants to do something that just makes you feel good and feel proud of yourself.

I started out recording music in my bedroom with a cheap microphone and a tape deck when I was 15 years old. ¬†After recording a few songs with my friends, I started to get curious about audio, and was constantly asking myself “how did they double their vocals”, “how do they get their songs to sound so good?”, “how did this producer make the instrumental?”.

8 years later, I graduated from the Art Institute’s Audio production program. And now with at least 7 years of experience freelancing, and recording and producing a couple of solo albums, I’m ready to share my craft with other aspiring artists around the world, to help them release better sounding music to their audience.

Let me help YOU, release great sounding music – so GREAT, that your listeners can’t get tired of it even when they’ve got it playing on repeat. Let’s makes some hits!